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Beginner Camps Ski or Snowboard 

A ski or snowboard camp for first time skiers or boarders. 

Our goal for this one week camp is: to have a lot of fun enjoying this snow sports and getting confident to ride blue slopes. For this we will get used to the skis or boards and make the first steps on snow. After a few hours we will know how to stop and ride a fall line. As this is working well for all we will go a step further and get into turning. We will enjoy to ride ski lifts and start easy and make our way up. There are some important rules on snow and will teach you them to be safe on slopes. 

Technical Performance Camps Ski or Snowboard 

This is the ski or board camp for motivated riders to reach a new area of riding! 

We want to be happy and enjoy every minute together in the snow. The following goal we set for this camp: It is important to us; how you ride slopes and park! We are looking forward to support you with technical skills how to ride easier in generell and how to manage all kind of slopes in style. Are you ready to style the saas-fee mountains with our support? We hope so and looking forward to meet you. 

Freestyle Camps Ski or Snowboard 

Are you freestyler ? Are you looking to finally rock all your tricks and got some dreams about some you can’t do yet? This is your camp to get professional coaching and tipps from experienced coaches. We are a camp for experienced riders but as well for very good slope riders who need a new challenge. Together we will have FUN! 

Lets have together an amazing week of freestyle. Your goals are our motivation to coach you in slopestyle and slope freestyle. We want to support you for all tricks, your still working on or you have dreamed of. It is important to us, that we can coach you incl. video analysis and support you for all matters on freestyle skis or snowboards. Lets go to max. of freestyle and enjoy each others success and just have an amazing time together. 


* ONLY GIRLS:  We got some special dates, where we offer the camps ONLY TO GIRLS! This is not because we do not like men, no we just think that girls do like to spend some times together and push each other. We will for sure find you guys later on the „dance floor“.