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Reservations/Validity of contract

Every booking request is automatically confirmed by email. We will then send you the proper camp confirmation and invoice by email within a few days.

If you do not agree with some of the given details, we ask you to submit your correction, this needs to happen within 24 hours.

If not, your reservation remains booked and binding.

The contract becomes valid once ESKIMOS the agreed payment has been transferred. If the payments are not transferred by the agreed date, ESKIMOS Sports GmbH has the right to cancel the booking without notice. Charges may arise according to the cancellation terms.

All requests should be made via the online booking form.


ESKIMOS recommends all participants to get a cancellation insurance. A form for such an insurance will be sent automatically together with the booking confirmation.
You may get insured directly.

The following terms apply when cancelling a booked camp reservation:

When cancelling a definite booking no less than 61 days prior to camp start, we charge an administration fee of CHF 100.00.

Furthermore the following cancellation terms apply:

  • 60 - 31 days prior to camp start: 20% of camp price
  • 30 - 15 days prior to camp start: 30% of camp price
  • 14 - 8 days prior to camp start: 50% of camp price
  • 7 - 4 days prior to camp start: 80% of camp price
  • 3 - 0 days prior to camp start: 100% of camp price


The camp price does not include equipment. Our local partner shops will be pleased to help you with rental and any further advice. Snowboard: or ESKIMOS camp participants profit from a 10% discount.


Payment must be transferred on receipt of invoice we send you by email. The payment should be made within 30 days or latest 5 days prior to camp start.


If a camp is under-subscribed, ESKIMOS reserves the right to reduce the camp duration, cancel the camp or run the full camp at a surcharge. If ESKIMOS has to cancel the camp due to an Act of God such as storm, avalanche danger, natural catastrophes, political disputes, epidemics etc. the camp organisation will inform the participants no less than 1 day prior to camp start and we will try to organise an alternative program with the costs of the lessons. ESKIMOS can not be held responsible for any other extra costs, such as travel, accommodation, equipment, skipass etc.

Camp participation

Booked camp packages cannot be transferred to another person. Exception, if one participant cannot take part of the camp but find a replacement for the same lesson with the same level, he can propose this to the camp mangament.

Lift passes

The lift pass are not inclusive.

Refunds and complaints

If during the camp training has to be cancelled due to an Act of God such as storm, avalanche danger etc, no refunds are given. If the training has to be cancelled for several days for the same reasons we will offer an alternative program. In case you have a complaint you have to approach the camp manager during time of the camp or send an email to Kontakt latest within 5 days after the camp has finished.


The participant is responsible for his/her own insurance. Please check your insurance prior to camp start. We recommend that you are covered for accident, sickness, travel, liability and damage to property.

ESKIMOS will not be held responsible for accidents occurred during the camp on or off the slopes, in the freestyle park, at the ski race, any sport activities or any other events.

ESKIMOS will not be held responsible for any damages to property in the accommodation or anything associated with it as well as any injury to persons of a third party.

Personal responsibility

Next to activities on the slopes we also organise other sport- and recreational activities, which mean physical and mental strain. Every participant (respectively the parents for under 18s), is responsible for his/her own participation at such activities. The following skills are required for each participant:

  • Participant is in good shape (sportive fit) to be able to take part in the camp’s whole day program

General information

The camp starts and ends in Saas Fee according to the booking confirmation.
The camp packages are always calculated for the whole duration of the camp. For late arrivals or early departures no refunds are given.


The participant is responsible for organisation costs of his/her travel.

Coaching and guiding

Coaches are qualified or graduated instructors.
Our guides however do not have any specific qualifications.


The participant is responsible to find an accommodation. ESKIMOS Sports GmbH organise only the camps without accommodation. ESKIMOS can give you personalized suggestions for cheap accommmodations.

Legal standing

All business relations and closed contracts with ESKIMOS Sports GmbH are subject to local law at the location of the company (Saas-Fee).